Yamaha YZF-R15 Monster Energy GP Edition Coming to Malaysia – From RM12,618

  • The Yamaha YZF-R15 Monster Energy GP Edition is coming to Malaysia.

  • Its livery is exactly as the Yamaha MotoGP works bike’s.

  • The recommended basic selling price is from RM12,618.

The Yamaha YZF-R15 Monster Energy GP Edition is headed to Malaysia. The livery is derived directly from the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP works team.

Yamaha has always transferred their MotoGP liveries to their motorcycles in many markets including Malaysia. That started long ago with the 135 LC, then the Y15ZR, YZF-R25 and now the YZF-R15 (R15).

The Monster Energy GP edition was launched in the UK on the YZF-R125 months ago and it was high time for our turn.

What makes it special this time is the Monster Energy livery which was replicated by enthusiasts on their own. It was said that the Monster Energy sponsorship in MotoGP was brought along by Valentino Rossi. The energy drink sponsored him since the Movistar days.

The bike is mechanically identical to the standard R15. We found the standard bike good enough already anyway, so there’s no sense in disturbing its equilibrium.

However, to those who’ve not ridden the R15, the upside-down forks, chassis and 155cc VVT engine produce a lively and entertaining ride. You could even knee down in corners if ridden well.

The recommended basic selling price is from RM12,618 (not including road tax, insurance and number plates).

Wahid's lust for motorcycles was spurred on by his late-Dad's love for his Lambretta on which he courted, married his mother, and took baby Wahid riding on it. He has since worked in the motorcycle and automotive industry for many years, before taking up riding courses and testing many, many motorcycles since becoming a motojournalist. Wahid likes to see things differently. What can you say about a guy who sees a road safety message in AC/DC's "Highway to Hell."

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