Yamaha presents 2018 Yamaha Star Venture aka “Transcontinental Tourer”

The latest 2018 Yamaha Star Venture has been revealed as the latest and most luxurious touring machine available from Yamaha.

Powered with a brand new 1,854cc V-Twin engine, the Star Venture is also equipped with an electric motor to add more ease in forward and reverse movements in tight spots like parking.

Over 140 litres of storage space is available including a rear trunk that can easily fit two full-face helmets with ease.

We all know Yamaha has a very extensive sport-touring motorcycles in their line-up from the very capable FJ-09 to the extreme dual-sport Super Tenere but the one machine that’s missing in this line up is a luxury tourer. That’s not the case anymore with the introduction of their latest 2018 Yamaha Star Venture.

In the world of luxury tourers, the customers don’t really have a lot of choice to go for when it comes to choosing the best one. They would either go either for the traditional that spark the emotions of riders or the modern options that offer a lot more luxury and comfort. The new 2018 Star Venture by Yamaha is said to offer both in one machine.

The Star Venture goes a step higher with Yamaha labelling it as a “Transcontinental Tourer”. This means that the Star Venture can cover great miles in style and comfort with no compromises. Things like its touch-screen infotainment cluster, ride-by-wire cruise control with traction control, huge amount of storage space and the addition of an electric motor to assist with parking with forward and reverse functions makes the Star Venture a very capable tourer.

The main heart that drives the Transcontinental tourer is a brand new monstrous 1,854cc V-twin equipped with counter-balancers for the overhead-valve motor and composite rubber engine mounts to elevate the comfort levels to even greater heights. A newly-designed side-draft intake was created to make way for more fuel space with a total fuel capacity of 25 litres.

There’s also a couple of 375-watt alternator to power all the electronics on the bike from the electric-powered windshield, heated grips and seats to the “Sure-Park Parking Assist” system. This particular motor is a welcomed addition when it comes to parking the 434kg monster in and out of tight spots by providing forward and reverse assists.

With all those gadgets and gizmos making the Star Venture a very desirable bike, the biggest pulling factor has to be the overall design. The folks over at Yamaha even stated that their latest luxury tourer has a few inspirations including the Plymouth Cuda muscle car and even the P-51 Mustang fighter plane. All angles of the Star Venture is equipped with the latest LED lighting technology which includes four front headlights, tail light and front signals.

When it comes to comfort and convenience, the Star Venture wins it all with a few capabilities like heated and adjustable seats, hand levers, floorboards, wind deflectors and vents. There’s also more than 140 litres worth of storage space which include a rear trunk that can easily store two full-face helmets.

Fancy in getting one of your very own? For now, it’s only available in the North American market with a price tag of $24,999 (around RM106,507 after direct conversion) and it’ll be available in two timeless colours; Granite Gray and Raspberry Metallic.

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