Why Shell Stations Are Fast Becoming The Preferred Meeting Place For Malaysian Bikers

Petrol stations have traditionally been a stop and go destination. A place where you get fuel for your vehicle, probably buy a drink and a snack and leave. This is usually a 10 to 15-minute process. Why would anyone hang around at a petrol station?

But the entire petrol station experience is changing fast, and Shell Malaysia is leading the way. How? Through an initiative called the Shell Advance MotoCare Express or SAMCE for short (pronounced as SAM-SI).

Shell stations are fast transforming from places where you pump petrol, get a drink, have a ready-to-eat meal, purchase snacks/confectionaries, stock up on groceries, and everything you will need to start your day or that weekend ride with your riding friends.

You read that right. Selected Shell stations will now offer servicing options (lubricant and filter change) for your motorcycle. The objective is to get your bike serviced quickly without having to make an appointment at an affordable price. This is perfect for those of us who are always waiting for that one riding buddy who is always ‘on the way’ yet shows up an hour late. With SAMCE, you can get your lubricant changed quickly while waiting for that ‘always late friend.

This also gives you peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about fake lubricants. You can read about it here (

So far, there are 26 SAMCE sites across the country with more to come (you can view the complete list of SAMCE stations here) (

As to what type of bikes can be serviced at SAMCE, the service centre accepts all kinds of bikes, including but not limited to bigger cc bikes. The process of an oil change will be the same, be it Kapcais or big bikes. And the basic 5 points check during an oil change is also applicable for big bikes. However, if the customer’s bike is still under warranty, they will need to send it to the relevant OEM for servicing, even if it’s Kapcais. Bikes out of warranty are welcomed for an oil change at SAMCE with the 5 points complementary check.

Of course, there would always be a concern about the mechanic’s skill that is carrying out the services. Shell highlights that the mechanics are properly trained to ensure oil change is carried out properly and professionally. And quite honestly, it is quite difficult to mess up something as simple as an oil change. Even so, it is comforting to know that the person working on your pride and joy knows what he is doing and is properly trained to do so.

The SAMCE initiative also perfectly addresses the age-old concern among Malaysian motorcyclists about fake engine oils. Since you’re buying directly from a Shell vendor, there is no worry about fake engine oils. On that note, even the disposal of your used engine oil is taken care of in a proper manner. Rather than simply pouring it down a drain, which is very illegal by the way and you should call the Department of Environment if you ever see your mechanic doing that, the SAMCE operators will dispose of your used engine oil by sending it to an official oil disposal site or a recycling site.

So, here comes the big question then – why should you even bother servicing your motorcycles at a Shell station when you are on a first-name basis with your mechanic?

Convenience and affordable price aside, there’s also points to be gathered and attractive prizes to be won.

Drinks and snacks are always necessary when going about your day or going for a ride with your friends. And that is exactly what you will get when you service your bike at the SAMCE.

All you have to do is buy a Shell Advance Moto Oil Synthetic Range, change your lubricant at the SAMCE, spend a minimum of RM10 at Shell Select, which is the shop located at every Shell station, and you will receive 500 BonusLink points (terms and conditions apply).

You can then redeem these points for a drink or a snack at Shell Select. A regular coke costs just 150 points, a Nescafe Tarik costs 200 points, and a Shell Select Keropok Ikan costs 200 points.

Or you can save the points and get drinks and snacks for the entire family later on.

Petrol stations are fast becoming more than just a regular fuel stop, and Shell is leading the way by not just providing fuel but also proper maintenance for your motorcycle.

For more information on Shell Advance motorcycle lubricants and SAMCE, click here. (

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