Video: World’s fastest wheelie @ 343.3km/h!

Dutchman Egbert Van Popta breaks world’s fastest wheelie record at 343.3km/h!

Dutch rider Egbert Van Popta recently sped his way into the record books after clocking in the world’s fastest wheelie at an unbelievable 213.309mph, which translates to 343.29km/h in metric terms.

Astride a specially modified and turbocharged Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa, Van Popta set the new record whilst competing in the Straightliners Wheelie World Championships 2016 event held recently in the UK.

To achieve this feat, Van Popta had perform the feat on one wheel over a distance of one kilometre. Interestingly, the Dutchman actually went slightly faster in a previous attempt where he clocked in a speed of 214.669mph – 345.48km/h.

However, the event’s officials disallowed this earlier run as Van Popta’s front wheel touched down just before crossing the aforementioned kilometre-long stretch’s final timing beam.

Despite the slightly slower second run, the Dutchman’s speed was fast enough o smash the previous record set last year by British rider Gary Rothwell where he was clocked at 206.049mph – 331.6km/h.

You can check out Van Popta’s record-breaking one-wheeled record run in the featured video posted above.

BONUS: Before any of you decide to have a crack at this record yourself, here is an extra video to remind you just how difficult it is to pull off a wheelie.

It also shows just how quickly things can go wrong when you don’t know what you’re doing. we need not mention that #fails like thins not only hurts the body, but it hurts your wallet too. Stay safe on the road folks!

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