Suzuki SV650 Rally concept bows in Osaka

Suzuki SV650 Rally concept pays homage to 1970s era tarmac rally cars.

Suzuki SV650 Rally concept10

The famed S-badge from Hamamatsu took the wraps off its latest concept during the 2016 Osaka Motorcycle Show this week in the form of the Suzuki SV650 Rally concept.

Suzuki SV650 Rally concept1

As you could probably guess, the concept is based on the new and updated 2016 Suzuki SV650 streetbike that features a 645cc twin-spark V-twin engine underneath. Unlike rivals Honda, Suzuki’s ‘Rally’ concept sees the SV650 given a retro treatment inspired by tarmac rally cars from the 1970s.

Suzuki SV650 Rally concept8

What catches the eye here are those two front spotlights flanking the main headlight that also features a metal protective grill, plus the white-painted five-spoke wheels. There’s also a pair of new and bigger side panels exuding the impression of this half-naked having bigger fairings, followed by retro-styled Yoshimura twin-silencer exhaust that’s stacked to the right.

Suzuki SV650 Rally concept6

There is no confirmation as to whether Suzuki would turn this concept into a production model or prepare a special accessories line for it at least. But we reckon the firm should consider it seriously as it looks set to enhance the revised 2016 Suzuki SV650 model further.

Suzuki SV650 Rally concept

Sources: MCN / Visordown

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