Suzuki GSX 1000 F and GSX-S 1000: New Gixxer siblings


New Suzuki GSX1000 F and GSX-S 1000 bows at INTERMOT 2014.


Making their debuts at this year’s INTERMOT show this are the updated and new-for-2015 iterations of the Suzuki GSX 1000 F sport-tourer and GSX-S 1000 sports naked.


As their names suggests, the two models are based on the brand’s GSX-R 1000 or Gixxer supersports. Don’t be fooled with their outlooks, both the new naked and sport-touring offshoots of the Gixxer are more than just rebadged and reworked versions of the aforementioned one-litre supersports.


Both are motivated by the same 999cc four-cylinder unit derived from the 2008 GSX-R 1000 model, now enhanced with new cam profiles that optimises the four-pot better for both regular road and back-road riding. Also improved is the mill’s low to mid-range output that came courtesy of a new four-into-two-into one exhaust system primed.

Crucially, the GSX-S 1000 utilises a brand new all-aluminium frame chassis design, making the model more of a roadster instead of a streetfighter. New on board the revised naked is a three-way selectable traction control unit, while ABS is offered as an option. The GSX-S 1000 also sports Brembo monobloc radial calipers, plus Kayaba-supplied fully adjustable inverted front forks and an adjustable rear shock.


The GSX 1000 F sport touring, on the other hand, is essentially a full-faired version of the GSX-S 1000 F. Carried over from the roadster are features are such as the Brembo brakes and Kayaba suspension kits whilst ABS is, again, offered as an optional item here as well.

Suzuki will begin introducing both the GSX-S 1000 and GSX 1000 F sometime early next year. The market performance for both will be dependant on how Suzuki prices them against the stiff competition in their respective segments.


2015 Suzuki GSX 1000 F

2015 Suzuki GSX-S 1000

Source: Asphaltandrubber (Link 1 / Link 2) and Visordown

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