Rickey Gadson Sets New Kawasaki H2 Mile Record – 368.7km/h!

  • Rickey Gadson and his heavily-modified Kawasaki H2 drag bike set the top speed record within a mile at the Texas Mile event

  • The event saw Gadson hit 229.1mp/h (368.7km/h)!

  • The ‘baddest H2 in the country’ produces 323hp with a new supercharger, ported cylinder heads, custom camshafts and racing gearbox

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Ever heard of Rickey Gadson and his Kawasaki H2? Well, Rickey is actually an 11-time AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) drag racing champion and he has a heavily modified Kawasaki H2 known as the ‘baddest H2 in the country’. How ‘bad’ is the bike? Rickey just set a new record with it 229.1mp/h (368.7km/h) in just one mile (1.6km)!

Technically, the H2 does not belong to Rickey Gadson himself. In fact, it his customer’s who requested him to build the drag-monster H2 to tear up the drag strip. Gadson’s solution? More power. WAY MORE POWER. Gadson installed a new RG63 Performance Plus Supercharger Kit, ported cylinder heads, custom-designed camshafts and a racing gearbox courtesy of Woolich Racing.

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The result? The claimed 210hp from the stock H2 engine has been raised to a whopping 323hp. That is slightly over 100hp (113hp to be exact) power increase! Together with a never-ending dyno sessions to get the settings just right, the H2 definitely lives up to its name as the ‘baddest’ of them all.

The record was set at the Texas Mile event where anyone and everyone can take their machine and set their fastest speed within the mile. Although his initial target was on 220mp/h (354km/h), he broke that on the very first day of the event and continued to become faster and faster with a few modifications to aerodynamic wings. That was when Gadson hit 229.1mp/h (368.7km/h). Check out his run below.

Although previously World Supersport champion Kenan Sofuoglu set the top speed on a Kawasaki H2R at 249mp/h (400km/h) in June 2016, the H2R already had 310hp and Kenan had more than a mile on his record-setting run on the newly-built Osman Gazi Bridge, Turkey.

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For further entertainment, here’s Sofuoglu performing the most epic rolling burnout on the H2R while lighting up the streets with the hot glowing exhaust!

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