New generation Honda Monkey patents leak

Leaked patents indicate a revival for the Honda Monkey cult classic.


More news from Honda today, this time revolving around the revival of a cult classic – the lovable Honda Monkey. Patent drawings of what appears to be a modern revival have leaked online and sparked plenty of excitement too.

According to reliable sources and from the patent drawings themselves, there is a high chance that the new generation Honda Monkey is being developed based off Honda’s other successful small cult bike, the MSX 125 aka Grom.

16YM MSX125

Even Honda has been taken aback by the success of the MSX 125, and it looks like the firm is willing to expand the platform further by reviving this small but larger than life cult classic.

With that, we can expect the new generation Monkey to adopt the MSX 125’s modern 125cc four-stroke powertrain underneath its classic and pretty skin. This should ensure its compatibility with current emission standards worldwide as well.


If you didn’t know, the Honda Monkey can trace its roots back to the 1960s. Known as the Honda Monkey Z100 then, it was originally built as an amusement park attraction, but it soon gained popularity amongst urban commuters and quite literally started the pit bike or monkey bike trend.


Since then, the Honda Monkey has become a highly sought after machine amongst cult fans and custom builder alike. Case in point of the latter includes the likes of our friends at Shawn Seelan Creations who happens to have a small fleet of tastefully customised Monkeys.

Certainly, the revival of the Honda Monkey has excited us. More importantly though, it also points towards Honda celebrating a landmark year in 2017 fuelled by this, along with the new CBR250RR, CBR1000RR superbike, as well as the upcoming new X-ADV adventure maxi-scooter.

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