Liqui Moly Chain Lube Spray White – Keep your Chain Tip-Top

  • The drive chain must be lubricated to ensure optimum power transmission, smooth operation and prevention of rust.

  • We recommend the Liqui Moly Chain Lube Spray White.

  • It has all the excellent properties to maintain your chain.

Apart from keeping the drive chain clean, it needs to be kept lubricated to ensure optimum power transmission, smooth operation and prevention of rust. For this, we highly recommend the Liqui Moly Chain Lube Spray White.

Not all chain lubes are the same. There may be those that are light but wear off quickly especially after riding in a rainstorm. On the other hand, the are those that are too thick, which proves too sticky for chain movement and attracts grime like a magnet.

The Liqui Moly Chain Lube Spray White, however, is a fully-synthetic formulation that is cold, hot and water spray resistant. It has very good adhesion properties and does not get thrown away by the chain’s centrifugal forces. Additionally, the product also flows well into the nooks and crannies of the chain when sprayed on. It is also has good wear protection thereby reduces chain stretch and extends the service life of the chain.

You do not need to spray a lot of the product, hence economical.

For best results, clean the chain with the Liqui Moly Chain Cleaner before applying. Also, best to apply when the chain is still warm after riding. Leave about 20 minutes for the product to settle down before riding again.


  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Excellent penetration action.
  • Cold, hot and water splash resistant.
  • Friction and wear reducing.
  • Highest load carrying capability reduces chain stretch.
  • Outstanding corrosion protection.
  • Resistant to acceleration forces and reduces being flung off.
  • For all high-stress and high-speed motorcycle chains.


  • Spray onto clean chain until white.
  • The product achieves its final consistency and adherence after the solvent evaporates.

Where to buy:

The Liqui Moly Chain Lube Spray White (50 ml) is available from our e-commerce online store.


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