Lightning LS-218 claims to be “world’s fastest”


American electric bikes maker Lightning Motorcycles previewed its new and production-ready LS-218 recently following a teaser, claiming it to be the planet’s fastest production bike to date.


The LS-218 was previewed during a superbike gathering held in California last weekend. The LS-218 was named after the top speed of 218mph (351km/h) achieved by a prototype racer version of it at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2011, where it set an official land speed record for an electric motorcycle. The successful attempt saw Lightning achieve an average speed of 215mph (346km/h) from its mandatory two runs.

The US-based firm states that the LS-218’s electric powertrain develops ‘over’ 200hp and 227.5Nm of torque in total. The firm went on to claim that it is evidently the planet’s fastest production motorcycle in existence. Given its not-so-distant prototype cousin’s achievement, we’d like to believe so as well.


Elsewhere underneath its outrageous paint scheme, Lightning Motorcycles have kitted the LS-218 with large Brembo brakes, and a pair of brass-coloures Öhlins dampers

The bike is presently undergoing final pre-intorduction preparations but Lightning Motocycles have open up to take in bookings and pre-orders for the LS-218. Each unit has a reported starting price of US$38,888.

Source: Asphaltandruber via Visordown
Images: Bryan Delohery / Asphalt & Rubber

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