KTM Motorcycles to Develop It’s Own Head-Up Display Helmet

Keep this brand in mind – Nuviz. It is an American company set up by a group of optics experts and motorcycle enthusiasts with a single aim – to become the undisputed leader in head-up display (HUD) and connected software solutions for high-speed applications. The goal? To provide a seamless experience for motorcyclists to connect to their motorcycle, friends and the community.

So why is this important for you?

Well because KTM Motorcycles just invested in Nuviz through its parent company, Pierer Industrie AG, the same company behind KTM, Husqvarna, WP Suspension, and others.

Remember BMW’s announcement that it was working on a HUD-enabled helmet (read about BMW’s awesome helmet by clicking here)? Well this could be KTM’s answer to BMW.

Nuviz has already raised about US$9 million and according to online sources, KTM’s investment into the company has been upward of US$5 million with a seat on Nuviz’s board of directors.

It remains to be seen whether this new technology will work well for motorcyclists, especially considering that the company that first floated the idea, Skully, went bust before delivering any helmets to buyers. But with big brands like BMW and KTM behind the tech, it seems that this may finally happen.

BMW seems to be confident about it, and now KTM too. We can only hope that it makes it to our market soon.

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