HOREX VR6 Silver and Black Edition revealed at 2015 EICMA

The long-established German brand HOREX revealed new details about their Silver Edition already presented at the IAA in Frankfurt and another new model, the Black Edition at the EICMA, the world’s largest trade show for two-wheeled vehicles, in Milan, Italy.

1124_BlackEdition_ret_rgb_1920_1080-1030x579With the Horex VR6 Silver Edition, the 3C-Carbon Group AG from Landsberg am Lech is revitalising a great motorcycle tradition in several aspects. In 1923 Fritz Kleemann founded the Horex firm in Homburg, with the name formed from an composition of “Ho” for Homburg and “Rex”, the tradename of his parents’ jam jar factory.

N4A7445_ret_rgb_1920_1080-1030x579The Horex motorcycles were often far ahead of their time. Thus, in 1932, a parallel two cylinder was designed with triple mounted crankshaft and overhead camshaft. In 1950 the camshaft lying between the cylinders in the engine of the “Imperator” model was patented. The most successful and best known Horex model, however was the “Regina” that still enjoys cult status today. In 1953 the 350 cm³ motorcycle became the most widely sold bike of its class with over 20,000 sold.

N4A7473_ret_rgb_1920_1080-1030x579In the years that followed, the firm struggled to keep up sales, as cars became affordable for broad swathes of the population and motorbikes were gradually replaced as the preferred means of transport. Later the company and brand rights were passed from one owner to another. By taking over the Horex brand, the 3C-Carbon Group is also revitalising the tradition of Landsberg as a “motorbike city”.

2067_Horex_Testing-1030x579It was in this city’s historic centre that Alois Wolfmüller and Hans Geisenhof built the very first series motorbike with a combustion engine in 1893. Wolfmüller even coined the German word for motorbike, “Motorrad” and had it protected by patent.

1721-1024x680Once again the brand-new HOREX V6 Silver Edition was the centre of attention at the HOREX stand. The Silver Edition special series, limited to just 33 units, defines the absolute pinnacle of the market both visually and technologically, as well the future of the HOREX product line. The exclusive special model provides a first look at the new production model in the HOREX VR6 series for spring 2016.

The HOREX VR6 Silver Edition, a high-end power cruiser, captivates through its unique technological solutions, as well as through its great versatility. The motorcycle is designed as fully-fledged two-seater, but can be converted into a single-seater if desired.

2033_Horex_Testing-1030x579The customer can choose between two different equipment options as well. As a result, HOREX offers both a newly developed carbon cover for the pillion seat as well as genuine leather saddle bags made of the same high-quality saddle leather as the seat.

1701In addition to the Silver Edition, the long-established German brand HOREX is shedding light on a well-kept secret. With the Black Edition, announced as a “special guest” for EICMA, HOREX granted a first look at a second model series with a different target in cafe racer style.

1110_BlackEdition_ret_rgb_1920_1080-1030x579The Black Edition, unlike its sister model, the Silver Edition, is a purely single-seater and can therefore be ordered with an optional cafe racer handlebar configuration. The HOREX VR6 production model, derived from the Black Edition, will likewise be presented in spring 2016. Sales of the limited Black Edition will start in December 2015.


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