Gallery: Custom BMW G310 R Street Tracker by Wedge Motorcycles

A closer look at the custom BMW G310 R Street Tracker created by Wedge Motorcycles of Japan.

As you can probably tell, we at are just an anxious as you are for the arrival of the BMW G310 R naked – and perhaps its G310 GS adventure sibling – into our market next year.


It’s arrival may be delayed here, but it hasn’t doused out our interests in it, and this tasty custom confirms one new thing about it – you could indeed customise the BMW G310 R if you wanted to.


This custom-built BMW G310 R Street Tracker was the creation of Tokyo-based Wedge Motorcycles. It was commissioned by BMW Motorrad Japan and, as you can see from the pictures provided, Wedge Motorcycle’s Takashi Nihira has created one stunning custom bike indeed.


Nihira-san says that the most intricate part about this build was the engine and its unique rearward-facing exhaust header. What was an ingenious design for optimum weight balance proved to be a challenge for Nihira-san, as was retaining the G310 R’s chassis frame.


This explains the exceptional craftsmanship undertaken to fit the custom high-mounted exhaust that loops around a custom swingarm assembly, as well as the side-mounted radiator. Complementing them are the custom 19-inch wheels with directly mounted brake discs whilst the stock base bike’s calipers and master cylinder remains.


What started out an unassuming ‘little’ roadster has transformed into a cool custom street tracker. BMW Motorrad did promise more offshoots of the G310 R in the near future, and perhaps this could be a hint for the German marque to develop a mini retro scrambler.

Check out more images of the custom BMW G310 R Street Tracker by Wedge Motorcycle Japan in the gallery we’ve prepared below.

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