CFMOTO Goes Electric With Company’s First Dirt Bike

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CFMoto is making its mark in the dirt bike industry with the highly anticipated release of its first electric off-road motorcycle, the EVMX. Breaking away from conventional combustion engine models, CFMoto is diving into the electric power arena.

The EVMX was recently revealed in a camouflage-style prototype, featuring an exciting video presentation with renowned FMX star and former professional motocross racer Ronnie Renner, who has been chosen as a brand ambassador for CFMoto Global and CFMoto USA.

While technical and performance details are still under wraps, the absence of a radiator suggests that the EVMX will rely on air cooling for its batteries. The video doesn’t provide a clear view of the chassis material, but CFMoto’s connections with KTM suggest a likely steel frame construction.

CFMoto’s foray into the electric dirt bike market puts it in competition with players like the Stark Varg, a Spanish-built electric dirt bike known for its impressive 80bhp power output. Although CFMoto’s EVMX project is behind Stark Varg in development, the company’s extensive manufacturing capabilities and strategic partnerships with brands like KTM and Yamaha give it a strong position in the market.

This move towards electric motocross further confirms CFMoto’s commitment to sports bikes and competition, as seen in its sponsorship of the PruestelGP team in Moto3 and its involvement in rally raid events, including the Dakar, and the recent announcement of the CFMoto 675SR, indicating a growing interest in road-going sports bikes. CFMoto’s EVMX is set to bring a fresh, electric perspective to the dirt bike scene, offering an exciting alternative to traditional combustion engine models.

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