Husqvarna’s Global Sales Dropped in 2023

Husqvarna had been performing well in terms of sales since its acquisition by Pierer Industrie AG in 2013. So it is surprising and perhaps perplexing that Husqvarna’s Global Sales dropped in 2023 – the first time in a decade.

They recorded selling a total  47,008 units worldwide, representing a -1.2% drop.

The largest decrease was recorded in India, followed Latin America (-13.9%), China (-10.6%), and the ASEAN region (-8.7%).

However, the brand continued to grow in non-Asian regions, especially in new markets such as Slovenia (+119%) and Cyprus (+58%). Another two countries that registered double-digit sales were Ireland (+33%) and Spain (+19.1%). Sales in the European continent grew +7.7%, overall.

There was also a +2.0% increase in North America.

The figures were revealed by the Motorcycles Data website. The track new vehicle sales according to registrations (going to customers) rather that vehicles invoiced (sold to dealers by manufacturers). However, they only track sales in 80 countries instead of the using the figures provided by the manufacturers.

About Husqvarna

Husqvarna was founded in 1689 in the small town of Huskvarna in southern Sweden, now the city of Huskvarna, Småland province. Husqvarna was originally a mechanical company, producing guns for the Swedish army. In 1903, the company entered the motorcycle industry with its first product, the Husky.

Husqvarna was acquired by Italian motorcycle company Cagiva in 1987 and became part of parent company MV Agusta Motor. A group of managers and engineers in Husqvarna were unhappy with the future under Cagiva. They founded Husaberg AG, a new motorcycle manufacturer in Sweden and later acquired by KTM AG.

In 2007, BMW Motorrad acquired Husqvarna in a deal worth €93 million. But in 2013, the Swedish motorcycle company changed hands again when Pierer Industrie AG bought all shares of the company from BMW Motorrad.

In 2013, the shares and patent rights of the Husqvarna brand were sold by Pierer Industrie AG to KTM AG, Husqvarna Motorcycle GmbH has since been established.

There are also Husqvarna branded power tools, but these are in a separate entity to Husqvarna motorcycles.

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