BMW Concept Stunt G310 debuts


Newly unveiled BMW Concept Stunt G310 previews Motorrad’s upcoming small capacity model.

BMW-Concept-Stunt-G-310-26 BMW Motorrad took the wrap off its latest concept called the BMW Concept Stunt G310 in Brazil recently. Though shown in “stunt concept” form, it does give us a preview of how the brand’s upcoming small-cc model will look like when it debuts at EICMA this year. BMW-Concept-Stunt-G-310-22 As previously reported, BMW Motorrad partnered up with Indian bike manufacturer TVS to produce its upcoming small cc bike codenamed the K3. Based on the newly revealed concept’s nameplate, the concept is likely powered by a liquid-cooled 310cc single-cylinder engine. BMW-Concept-Stunt-G-310-37 Interestingly, the mill sports an unusual back-to-front cylinder arrangement, with the exhaust exiting from the rear. This granted BMW Concept Stunt G310 to have an extra long swingarm. Also peculiar is the exhaust silencer’s vertical placement right next to the rear shock. BMW explains that this layout would protect the exhaust can from getting damaged in a crash. BMW-Concept-Stunt-G-310-35 Of course, being a stunt bike, the BMW Concept Stunt G310 was tailored for now retired stunt legend Chris Pfeiffer as it features several unique traits to suit the demands of Pfeiffer’s stunt actions. These include the lockable throttle, revised gear ratios for improved low-end acceleration, an oversized rear brake rotor, as well as a second brake lever has been added next to the clutch lever. Completing the stunt bike package on the concept are its stunt tail, axel pegs, and crash bars. BMW-Concept-Stunt-G-310-40 Looking past the concept’s exterior, it is clear that BMW Motorrad has got the younger-aged buying crowd in mind for the production-bound K3. Fuelling this are things such as the use of bright colours similarly to KTM’s formula for its small-displacement range, not forgetting the fact that it also roped in Pfeiffer as a hype tool for the concept as well. BMW-Concept-Stunt-G-310-29 Whilst we still have to wait until November at least for a proper view of the new ‘baby’ Motorrad, check out our extensive gallery below to see more of the BMW Concept Stunt G310 in all its stunting glory. BMW Concept Stunt G310

Sources: Asphlatandrubber and Visordown

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