BlackBerry going into electric superbike production?

Damon Motorcycles has partnered up with BlackBerry Limited to build their latest electric superbike, the Damon Hypersport Pro. The bike which will be launched this week at CES 2020 will host some pretty impressive upgrades, thanks to the software specialists over at BlackBerry. Weird? Maybe. Interesting? Definitely.

BlackBerry’s main contribution to the latest Damon electric superbike is its QNX operating system for the bike’s CoPilot warning system. By incorporating several technologies like radar, cameras, and sensors, the Hypersport Pro is able to track speed and direction of nearby objects and warn the rider if it senses any danger heading their way.

This advanced motorcycle collision warning system from BlackBerry with 4G/5G connectivity offers what Damon is calling the bike’s ‘sixth sense’ or ‘enhanced situational awareness’ that helps to provide an elevated peace of mind when riding down roads with other motorists. Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

We also noticed that the Damon Hypersport Pro has other unique features like:

  • Huge LCD screen with 360-degree monitoring
  • Blindspot monitors
  • Selectable riding positions (changes to handlebars, seat, screen and footpegs positions)

There’s still no news on what the powertrain for this revolutionary electric superbike will be like but once we have all the details, we will let you know ASAP. Is this the future of motorcycling? There are still some doubts, but it does look promising. Plus, the bike looks wicked. Thumbs up on design.

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