Brembo Opens a Factory in Thailand

Brembo opens a factory in Thailand. The preeminent Italian braking provider is the latest in the host of  automotive brands to set up their production facilities in the kingdom.

Brembo’s investment is said to be worth €40 million (RM 205,148,217.88) with the aim of supplying to the Southeast Asian market. As with other manufacturers, the facility is sited in Rayong, just east of Pattaya. It will focus on braking systems for manufacturers in Thailand. They will employ approximately 150 people with operations expected to being in the first quarter of 2025.

The move is seen as a wise one, given the hotbed of motorcycle usage in the region, consisting of motorcycle-centric countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. It remains to be seen if Brembo will supply the products from this factory to the wider Asian region such as India, China and Japan.

Brembo’s products are considered the best in the industry and used almost exclusively by premium motorcycles. But Brembo’s acquisition of J. Juan and producing the ByBre brand opens up to a wider market.

As mentioned earlier, Brembo joins a long list of both manufacturers and component suppliers with facilities in Thailand. Motorcycle brands like BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, Triumph have factories in Thailand that cater to the Asian and in some cases, the global market. On the other hand, virtually any popular car brand has production facilities in that country. The same can be said for component manufacturers such as Bridgestone and Michelin.

So, the question is: Will Brembo parts will be less expensive after 2025?


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