Belt drive conversion kit for Triumph Street Twin

Italian firm reveals belt drive conversion kit of the latest generation 2016 Triumph Street Twin model.


Although the new generation 2016 Triumph Street Twin model is still a very new bike in the market, it hasn’t hampered specialist Italian accessories brand Free Spirits from preparing a belt drive conversion kit for the modern classic bike.


The kit consists of a 65-teeth alloy steel pulley that is complemented by a 27-teeth nickel-plated front sprocket and both are bound together using a 126-teeth belt. However, unlike other kits, the Free Spirits belt conversion kit for the 2016 Triumph Street Twin will require some skills and technical know-how to install.


The Italian accessories manufacturer warned customers about the conversion kit not being a bolt-on operation. Instead, installation will require an irreversible modification to combat clearance-related issues when fitting the kit. Specifically, users are required to shave off a protrusion on the gearbox in order to complete the conversion.


Also redundant here is the original chain guard component, but Free Spirits have designed and manufactured a replacement part that is available through their online shop and is sold separately from this conversion kit.


Nevertheless, the Free Spirits belt drive conversion looks set to offer owners of the 2016 Triumph Street Twin with the drive-type’s typical perks. Belt drives on motorcycles are much easier and cost less to maintain. Free Spirits also assured that the conversion kit’s ratio is identical to the original chain setup, meaning that riding a Street Twin with this conversion fitted would not feel different than the original bike’s chain drive setup.


The Free Spirits belt drive conversion kit for the Triumph Street Twin is priced at €718 and is available for purchase online via this link: Free Spirits E-Shop.

Sources: Free Spirits via AutoEvolution

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