Akrapovič releases kit for BMW C650 Sport

Famed Slovenian aftermarket brand Akrapovič releases new slip-on exhaust kit for BMW C650 Sport maxi-scooter.


The BMW C600 Sport and its touring sibling the C650GT rank highly in our list as far as maxi-scooters go. However, should you feel the need for more power out of the new and updated BMW C650 Sport, then worry not as Akrapovič have released a new slip-on exhaust kit for this middleweight-killing maxi.

The Slovenian aftermarket brand has been making plenty of parts both BMW cars and bikes for sometime now, with this new kit for the BMW C650 Sport being its very latest addition. The slip-on kit promises to enhance this sporty scooter on two fronts starting with its looks, followed by performance.


Akrapovič claims that the entire kit is easy to install in just 30 minutes, as it does not require advanced mechanical skills. Furthermore, this slip-on kit replaces the stock one without needing any further modification as well.

The Akrapovič BMW C650 Sport slip-on kit brings several advantages with it into the maxi-scooter. For starters, it is 44.9% lighter than the stock unit at 3.8kg. On top of that, you get one attractive and a much neater can design compared to the stock unit.


More importantly though, Akrapovič also stated the gain in both power and torque this slip-on kit provides. However, this being a mere slip-on kit, the hike is only minimal at 1.3hp and 1.5Nm, bringing the C650 Sport’s total output figures up to 49.4hp @ 7,850rpm and 53.2Nm @ 5,850rpm.

Small as they may be, we know that these slight power hike will definitely go a long way for this acclaimed maxi-scooter especially during daily rides, no to mention the deep, resonant tonal character of the soundtrack this Akrapovič system promises to add as well.

Source: Akrapovič via AutoEvolution

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