5 reasons why MotoGP is better than Formula 1


Formula One and MotoGP have their own fans, but over the years Formula One seems to be losing it with sad racing, financial issues with racing teams, and even world class drivers who act like babies. These are 5 reasons to ditch the four wheeled sport to watch those with two big nuts on two wheels.

Valentino Rossi

He is nine time world champion. He is really really good. He is a passionate biker. And you rarely hear him complaining. He will also take a selfie with you if you ask him to.

Unfortunately there is no such figure in Formula 1. Daniel Ricciardo is probably close in terms of friendliness, but he is far from being a nine time world champion.

Valentino does not need to win for people to love him, he naturally has a sea of fans, and that is because of his personality.

Vale is also the biggest thing to have ever happened to MotoGP. Formula One had Michael Schumacher, but you had to know the Pope, the King, the President of the USA, and be a spy in the CIA to even get close to him.

It is more accessible


Sure prices of tickets can be expensive, but you don’t hear of five figure ticket prices in MotoGP, but it is a norm in Formula One.


Get the right ticket and you will find yourself mingling with the mechanics, team bosses, and even see the riders casually walking to and from the pits to each others homes. It is also quite common to see the riders lounging at one of the many temporary cafes at the circuits of the world.

Formula 1 on the other hand, is for billionaires.

Drama, baby!

The wheel to wheel racing is so intense, that you could shit your pants! Riders put their life on their line to win or lose, and in Formula 1, you hear nothing but complaints and threats to pull out of the series if a team does not win.

Except for the past two years with the rise of a certain Marc Marquez, championships were almost always wide open until way into the season. Sure you saw utter dominance with Yamaha, Honda and Yamaha again, but the wheel to wheel racing is always, always tight.

And you don’t get the baby whiners who refuse to talk to each other. Wait, there was a point like that when Rossi and Lorenzo had the infamous pit separation, but that was only so that no data and information was shared between engineers and stuff. But, they remained cool and still remain cool with each other.

The gap between the last team and best team is also not that big in MotoGP, you rarely see the lead rider lapping the last rider.

And besides, a race is not over until you are past the chequered flag, because you know, you could always fall off the bike just meters from the finish line.

They are genuine racers, and love the girls!

Formula 1 world champions attend fashion shows, do weird stuff to their hair, wear questionable clothes, and show boat.

MotoGP world champions open hardcore riding ranches and invite other riders to have fun with at their ranch. We are talking about Valentino Rossi’s moto ranch, and how he invites the likes of Guy Martin and the lot to tear up the track.

Don’t get us started on the girls, have you seen their girlfriends?? Formula 1 drivers are just tame by comparison. Besides, girls love bikes and danger more than some fancy pants millionaires.

Watch these video of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez going wheel to wheel at Vale’s ranch.

And then watch this video of Vale vs Guy Martin.

No Bernie, thank god!

Image: Eurosport

Bernie has been good for Formula One, in fact he is the reason why Formula One is what it is today. He is the reason why it is good, and he is the reason why it is bad. His refusal to engage social media is simply said, stupid, when the whole world and giant corporations have prioritised social media engagements.

Those who attend races and record amateur video clips have been asked to remove the clips, like a child who refuses to share his toys.

But it seems that the four-wheeled series is finally warming up to the idea, and we are seeing some racing clips online.

Bernie is a marketing genius, the world needed him, but the sport needs to grow, and it seems like it can only do so without Bernie.


Formula 1’s new V6 engine’s are pathetic, MotoGP bikes are glorious, enough said!

BONUS 2: Corners

It is common to see 3-4 bikes enter a corner at the same time in MotoGP. Do that in Formula 1 and it will be a multi-million Euro pile up.

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