Shinko EVO SR877 Update – Riding in the Rain

Dirt all over after the water from the rain has dried

It is about time for me to update the review of the Shinko EVO SR877 that I have used to my Lagenda 115ZR since May 2011. This time it is about riding in the rain.

I picked up my Lagenda 115ZR after test riding the Axelo for Kapcai magazine. At that time, there is a little drizzle and I was thinking whether to take my bike on the road or not. Then, I think, this is a good time to test the Shinko SR877 on wet condition. So, I did. I ride it in the rain. 

My first priority is about safety, so, I didn’t test the grip in full speed in the public road. I managed to get 80km/h with this tyre on heavy rain. Mind you that the rain has no more little drizzle but heavy down pour. I have prepared myself with rainsuit and that helps much to overcome the cold of the night. At first, I tried to ride it slowly, and after a while I gain confidence with and able to achieve the speed of 80km/h. I think you can go more than that, but in heavy rain like, I think it is not worth the risk. The tyre provide enough feedback and gives me confidence of the bike handling at that speed. I usually didn’t ride in the rain, I just stopped at the bus stop or any place that I can have shelter on and wait for the rain to stop, so I have few experience with wet condition. Anyway, wet condition riding with Shinko SR877 is a nice experience. I was asking myself, what makes SR877 a good tyre? I found an answer that fits me, that is, its technology comes from Yokohama in Japan that has been transferred to Korea. Yokohama is a well known tyre for car and I know their tyre price is not cheap. Other than that, I got to know that Shinko also has made OEM go-kart tyre for Yokohama. That’s a good news.

Co-founder of Bikes Republic and a motoring journalist by night. He is a self described enthusiasts with a passion for speed but instead rides a Harley and a J300. A man of contradictions, he is just as passionate about time off in the quiets as he is about trail braking into turn one at Sepang Circuit on two or four wheels.

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