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Dubbed as the Asian version of MotoGP, the 18th edition of Petronas Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) once again had its season opener at its home ground of Sepang International Circuit from April 19 to 21, 2013. (more…)

The horrific crash that took place this past Saturday along the Federal Highway is still fresh in our minds. But it will not take more than a week or two for the news to wither away into the past to be forgotten. Which is exactly the problem, we forget!

This is not the first example of us forgetting our tragedies, it has happened countless times. These tragedies, as sad and horrific as they may be, provide a unique opportunity to learn and educate ourselves.

Why did it happen? What caused it? Is it human error or mechanical? Is there a fault with the road design? Do we lack signage? Is there adequate lighting?

These are just some of the questions we need to be asking, but I’m not saying that we don’t. Perhaps we do, but like a three year old child, we often lose interest before we get the answers. (more…)

All three bikes are now available for viewing and purchase nationwide at authorised Boon Siew Honda dealerships. The NC700S will retail starting from RM49,888 whilst the NC700X is priced from RM53,988. The Integra maxi scooter on the hand carries a retail starting price of RM64,688. (more…)

Renowned Austrian bikes maker KTM recently joined in on the zero emissions bandwagon, unveiling its Freeride E electric enduro production bike not too long ago at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. (more…)

The European association of motorcycles manufacturers or ACEM recently welcomed its newest member, French carmaker Renault. But there’s a catch; the French carmaker has no intentions of producing two-wheeled products anytime soon. Strange move? Maybe not. (more…)

Before we proceed, let’s get one thing straight, a motard is a class of bike that is a cross-breed between a road-going bike and a dirt bike. It uses regular street tyres instead of dirt types, features a high ground clearance, and requires an upright seating position. Unlike a proper supersports or cruiser, motards are a totally different riding experience, and it can be as quick as any other depending on how brave the rider is. (more…)


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