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A Russian firm has set out to create perhaps the world’s first superbike with self-braking abilities, claiming it to be the “world’s safest superbike” in the process.

The Molot, a heavily modified ABS-equipped Honda Fireblade, created by the firm called Chak Motors will have its standard-equipped Honda ABS system primed further with its Predictive Emergency Braking System (PEBS). Molot, which is Russian lingo for ‘sledgehammer’, aims to offer literally a sledgehammer-like solution to a somewhat non-existent problem amongst super bikes.

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Using an array of radar and HD camera-based sensors positioned in the bike’s forward area (explaining the extensive and radical hand-built redesign penned by design firm Chak Design), PEBS will activate when said sensors detect the bike is approaching closely towards a slow moving car in front. The system will first warn the rider using a flashing light warning, followed by vibrating handlebars. If the system does not detect any rider input or reaction after a certain time, PEBS will increase the vibration rates and apply a small amount of braking automatically.

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If rider input is still not detected past these level, then PEBS will take full control of the bikes brake, applying full pressure to stop an imminent collision with said slow-moving car it detected ahead. The firm also added that the PEBS system utilises a built-in gyroscope that detects any anomaly in vibration and control. Additionally, the firm said that if the Molot’s rider gets into an “uncontrollable” situation, the system will also disable the bike’s throttle. Thankfully, this feature is something users can choose to disable if they so wish to.

No word on production plans or even a price tag just yet, but the Molot appears to be the closest thing around that can claim that aforementioned “safest superbike in the world” claim. What are your thoughts?

Source: Visordown and Bennetts

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