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  • Riding High in the Himalayan range

    Most bikers dream about getting to ride one of those twisty pass in Europe. Bragging rights, a once in a lifetime experience or whatever could be the reason, its child’s play compared to what few had gone through riding across some of the highest parts of the world, riding the Himalayan range. We are talking about...

    Uncategorized26 November 2014
  • Honda announces 300 million bikes built

    Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that they have reached a cumulative worldwide motorcycle production of 300 million-unit milestone in September 2014 this year .Honda held a ceremony at Kumamoto Factory, the company's primary motorcycle production plant in Japan, to celebrate reaching the 300 million-unit milestone which is a 40th Anniversary Edition Gold Wing. It all started...

    Bulletin25 November 2014

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