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The latest Yard Built project led to the birth of one of the world’s most beautiful custom Yamaha XSR900 yet.

Built by England’s Auto Fabrica, the bike is known as Type 11 Prototype series.

The track-only version is Prototype One whereas the road-going model is the Prototype Two.


If you’re a fan of the Yard Built project, you should also know that Yamaha has had a lot of custom bikes being produced through this platform. It also led to the production of the Yamaha XSR900 and this time around, the manufacturer together with customizer Auto Fabrica has created what we think one of the most beautiful custom Yamaha yet. (more…)

Custom Yamaha CS_07 Gasoline built by roCkS!bikes is one mean-looking Yamaha VMax. (more…)

The ever popular and acclaimed Yamaha MT-09 has gone under the knife with Roland Sands Design (RSD), resulting in this special one-off Faster Wasp custom concept.

With the reveal, Yamaha further added that this custom is hinting at its newest model based on the MT-09 that will debut at EICMA 2015 this month.

Back to this RSD special, it joins the Yamaha brand’s range of Yard Built custom machineries that are usually followed closely by production model. This RSD-built special follows the footsteps of Shinya Kimura’s Faster Son custom concept (the XSR700 preview) and the Deus Eau Rouge (XJR1300 Racer preview), and it now charts a new chapter in the Yamaha Faster Sons trilogy.


It is plain to see that the Roland Sands Yamaha MT-09 Faster Wasp is more than just a tribute to the famed black and yellow speed-block donned on Kenny Roberts Senior’s legendary TZ750 race bike. Underneath the bespoke aluminium bodywork and is the MT-09’s acclaimed 847cc in-line triple and lightweight aluminium frame. Also exclusive to the Wasp are a whole host of cycle-part updates that are not found on any production model.


Being an RSD creation, it sports plenty of the design firm’s signature elements and traits. These include the hand-fabricated aluminium petrol tank, tail section, intake scoops, radiator covers, front number board and front mudguard fender. The custom also sports a prototype Clarity timing cover, rearsets, rear brake reservoir and case guards, plus chain guard, timing plug, axle sliders and fuel cap.


Sources believe most of these will likely be available as official, or RSD, accessories for the incoming new Yamaha model. Other notable bits and pieces include the Wasp’s forged aluminium wheels, Two Bros Racing stainless steel header with an RSD Slant muffler, Renthal sprockets, Performance Machine radial brake calipers, an RSD radial brake master cylinder and Spiegler brake lines, as well as a custom leather seat is made by the Bitchin Seat Co.


Also primed are a set of RSD Nostalgia handlebar risers plus Renthal Fatbar handlebars with RSD Traction grips. The chassis is further enhanced too thanks to Öhlins fork cartridge kit and rear shock tasked at providing better bike control.


You can check out more of the Roland Sands Yamaha MT-09 Faster Wasp in the video we’ve attached at the top or by browsing the extensive gallery we’ve prepared below.

Roland Sands Design Yamaha MT-09 Faster Wasp

Sources: YouTube, MCN and Visordown


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