• The Vespa brand has long been associated with style, fun and practicality.

  • Its name means “Wasp” in Italian.

  • Official and genuine Vespa merchandize is now available in our webstore.

The Vespa brand has long been associated with style, fun and practicality. Known as the “Wasp” in Italian, it enjoys a cult status among riders and enthusiasts alike including celebrities.

Being tied to a lifestyle, Vespa doesn’t only offer motorcycles. Instead, the brand encompasses an entire range of goodies including premium and high quality accessories, riding gear and apparels.

Now you can order these apparels from the comforts of your home since the Movement Control Order is in place.

1. VESPA Sweatshirt Modernist

This hoodie jacket is made of cotton and can be worn in all weather. Its styling is restrained, yet unmistakably Italian. There is a tricolor patch on the hoodie while the zipper puller recalls the shape of the iconic steering column cover. The cuffs and waist are elastic to ensure a good fit and keep wind out.

2. VESPA 70 Years Young T-Shirt

Show your love for the brand with this short sleeve T-shirt. The front features the unmistakable graphic of a GTS. It has a casual fit for all-day comfort.

Available for men and ladies.

3. VESPA Graphic T-Shirt

This T-shirt for men “reveals” that you are a Vespa man. The printed pocket hides a Vespa in it. Made of 100% cotton, you’ll be comfortable on and off the bike.

4. VESPA V-Stripes T-Shirt

This T-shirt is casual yet a bit more formal with its printed stripes. There are also embroidered reflective patches.

Available for men and ladies. The ladies version has a feminine and comfortable fit.

5. VESPA Cap Modernist

A cap which says Vespa without shouting it. Yet it’s adorned with a Vespa Primavera on a delta (which signifies the way forward) and tricolor stripes at the back so that you won’t miss its Italian style.

6. VESPA Cap New Era

This cap lets you show your unreserved love for the Vespa brand. It’s made of cotton and adjustable for different head sizes.

  • The SHARK Skwal 2 is about performance and safety.

  • Its shape gives the helmet supreme stability and quietness.

  • The new interior provides even higher levels of comfort.

From the outset, the new SHARK Skwal 2 helmet conveys performance. Its sharp-looking base joint, sleekly designed spoiler and aerodynamic features all blend into a helmet built for sporting exploits and high performance.

But like its predecessor, it’s equipped with integrated LED lights to heightened visibility on the road. The LED lights are powered by internal rechargeable batteries.

The new SHARK Skwal 2 has a completely new interior.

Structure and safety:
. Shell made of injected thermoplastic resin.
. Micro lock buckle system.
. Multi-density EPS.
. Integrated battery rechargeable LED lights.

. Pinlock Max Vision® included in the box.
. UV380-labeled visor treated to resist scratches.
. Quick visor release system.
. “Autoseal” system: Enmeshes the visor into the helmet, thereby improving soundproofing and making the helmet resistant to both water and cold air.

. New dual-material interior combining the AEGIS®-labeled MICROTECH lining fabric and the SANITIZED®-labeled ALVEOTECH lining fabric.
. Removable interior suitable for machine washing (30°C max).
. New neck protection design.
. “”EasyFit”” system: Optimal comfort for riders wearing glasses.. “”Dual use”” anti-fog breath guard removable.
. Anti-fog mask.
. Slot reserved for the Sharktooth® intercom.

Aerodynamics and ventilation:
. Aerodynamics optimized by means of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design studies.
. 2 air inlets.
. 2 air extractors.

Where to buy:

You can obtain the helmet through our Power Store in Kota Damansara. Please contact 012-580 3470.

Conversely, you may also order it through our webstore. Please click on the links below.

SHARK Skwal 2 Noxxys black blue green

SHARK Skwal 2 Noxxys black yellow silver

SHARK Skwal 2 Noxxys Mat black anthracite silver

SHARK Skwal 2 Noxxys Mat black orange silver

SHARK Skwal 2 Noxxys Mat black red silver

Delivery charges:

RM 50.00 for West Malaysia and RM 100.00 for East Malaysia.

  • The SHARK Ridill 1.2 helmet is perfect for daily commuting, sport-touring and weekend sport riding.

  • It has all the features of a high-end helmet.

  • But offered at an unbeatable price of just RM450!

Looking for a full-faced helmet that’s full of useful features but doesn’t cost a bomb? Check out this SHARK Ridill 1.2 helmet, then.

The SHARK Ridill has all the features that a rider could need in a helmet, whether it’s for the daily commute, weekend sport riding or sport-touring. As with all SHARK helmets, the Ridill is designed for safety, comfort and reliability.


  • Strong thermoplastic resin shell.
  • Ventilation is optimized through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design and simulation. (It means that the ventilation is designed for good airflow.)

  • Integrated sunvisor.
  • Anti-scratch visor.
  • 2.2mm visor is ultra-flexible and Pinlock anti-fog insert ready.

  • Quick release mechanism for the visor.
  • SHARK Easy Fit eyeglass pockets.

  • Removable interior padding for washing.
  • Micro lock buckle system chinstrap.

As for the price, the wearer can be assured of a helmet of great value. However, for a limited time only, the Ridill retails for special promotion price of RM 450 only. Please click on the links below to select your desired design.

You may purchase the models below from our BikesRepublic web store. A delivery charge of RM 50 for West Malaysia and RM 100 for East Malaysia applies to each helmet delivery.

You may also walk into our Power Store at Kota Damansara. Do contact us for more details at 012-800 3470.

SHARK Ridill 1.2 TYKA Mat black, anthracite

SHARK Ridill 1,2 TYKA Mat black, blue, white

SHARK Ridill 1.2 THREEZY black orange blue

SHARK Ridill 1.2 OXYD black chrome anthracite

SHARK Ridill 1.2 MECCA white black read

SHARK Ridill 1.2 MECCA Mat black anthracite silver

SHARK Ridill 1.2 MECCA black red silver

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM white blue red
SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM White Blue Red

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM Mat black red white
SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM MAT Black Red White

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM Mat anthracite yellow
SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM MAT Anthracite Mat

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM anthracite black
Shark Ridill 1.2 STRATOM Anthracite Black

SHARK Ridill 1.2 DRIFT-R Actif
SHARK Ridill 1.2 DRIFT-R Actif


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