• Thieves stole two Harleys belonging to Hells Angels MC members.

  • Their dastardly deed was caught on CCTV.

  • No one in their right mind would steal from Hells Angels.

What is with some people who seem to vie for the not-so-coveted Darwin Awards? No, the accolade isn’t a rival to the Guinness World Records; instead, it’s a collection of dumb and embarrassing ways people died. There was a guy who used brake fluid as toothache ointment recently, and now these thieves who stole Harleys belonging to Hells Angels MC members.

The UK has a motorcycle theft problem, that’s true. Five thieves in ski masks were caught on CCTV stealing two Harley-Davidsons belonging to… ahem… the tough… Hells Angels.

A member of the UK Motorcycle Theft Protest group tweeted about the crime. According to the post, one bike was a MY2000 Black Harley-Davidson Dyna. The other was a MY2003 Harley-Davidson 100thAnniversary Dyna.

The post also implored the cretins to return the bike to the Hells Angels Tyne & Wear chapter and no further action will be taken. Failure to do so otherwise, will result, “If not we find out who’s (sic) took them… f***in’ standby!!”

Although we may cheer about the prospect of some bike thieves getting their behinds handed to them, we do hope they return the Harleys to the club. Otherwise who knows if we’d see a new entry into the Darwin Awards. Just sayin’.


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