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We recently ran a story about how MV Agusta may be in financial trouble after a dismal performance in 2023. We also mentioned that MV’s CEO Timur Sardarov was adamant in not relinquishing control of the company to the giant Pierer Mobility Group (KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas). Well, news just broke that Pierer Mobility has indeed acquired a controlling stake in MV Agusta.

Pierer Mobility Group (PMG) has made clear that they wish to acquire a controlling stake in MV since their initial 25% purchase in 2020. The finalisation of the agreement sees PMG as the controlling shareholder when they issued a call option, increasing their share in MV to 50.1%.

The deal also sees a shakeup in MV’s day-to-day business. Hubert Trunkenpolz replaces Timur Sardarov as the CEO and Chairmon of the Board of Director. (Hubert is the nephew of Hans Trunkenpolz, who co-founded KTM, hence the “T” in brand’s name.) Sardarov will remain with MV in the role of Vice-Chairman. Apart from that, PMG is planning to expand MV’s headquarters at Varese, Italy.

Sadarov said:

“MV Agusta embodies passion and a unique sense of romance that captivated me, a seasoned entrepreneur, from day one. The personal challenge of guiding the company out of crisis and steering it towards success through innovative business strategies, team expansion, and new product developments has been conquered. It is an honor to play a role in shaping MV Agusta’s legacy. Over the past five years, both the company and I have evolved significantly. Our growth together is a testament to the transformative journey we’ve shared. My time with MV Agusta has been a pivotal chapter in my life, filled with mutual joys and challenges. As I continue to serve as a dedicated Vice-Chairman, I am committed to supporting the company and its ongoing success.”

So what now? It is going to really interesting to see what kind of products that this new venture will produce. KTM, for one, has stated unequivocally that they did not wish to produce anymore sportbikes since the RC8’s production ended. As for nakeds, KTM already have their bases covered with the 890 Duke and 1390 Super Duke R. In fact, KTM, GasGas, Husqvarna have covered many segments among them, more so KTM.

Or will PMG continue with putting out the existing lineup of MV Agustas?

Time will tell.

MV Agusta In Dire Straits (Again)?

In a recent interview with Motorrad magazine, MV Agusta CEO Timur Saradarov addressed the swirling controversy surrounding the partnership between MV Agusta and KTM, dispelling rumours of a potential takeover by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer.

  • Partnership between MV Agusta and KTM began in November 2022.
  • KTM currently holds a 25.1-percent stake in MV Agusta. 


The partnership sparked speculation about KTM’s intentions to acquire a majority stake in the Italian brand with executives from Pierer Mobility, KTM’s parent company, had expressed their desire for a majority stake in MV Agusta, with an undisclosed timetable in place.

However, Saradarov remains unfazed by KTM’s ambitions.

“It’s nice that there is such a great interest from KTM in MV Agusta,” he said. 

Saradarov, who currently owns 74.9 percent of MV Agusta, expressed his intention not to sell and assured that nothing would change in the next three to four years.

*Lucky Explorer 9.5

Meanwhile, regarding KTM’s comments about MV Agusta’s Lucky Explorer model, Saradarov neither confirmed nor denied its inclusion in the lineup but revealed that the MV Agusta LXP series is in the works, with the 950 variant confirmed. 

Saradarov stated that the KTM portfolio is under consideration now that the two companies are in partnership, leading to the development of the MV Agusta LXP series, which will include the Lucky Explorer model.


Saradarov also provided insights into the forthcoming LXP series, stating that it will feature a completely different three-cylinder engine. The global unveiling of the LXP series is expected in late summer 2023, with MV Agusta aiming to produce 2,500 to 3,000 units this year.

(source: Motorrad)

  • KTM has inked a joint venture with Spanish manufacturer GasGas.

  • The cooperation will see the co-development of trials, enduro and electric bikes in Spain.

  • While GasGas is predominantly known as a trials manufacturer, they manufacturer other offroad bikes as well.

KTM has inked a joint venture with Spanish manufacturer GasGas.

The deal was inked between KTM Industries AG and Black Toro Capital, the owners of GasGas Motorcycles.

The cooperation will see the co-development of trials, enduro and electric bikes in Spain. The press release also stated that production of GasGas bikes and Torot electric vehicles will continue in Girona, Spain. GaGas will also benefit from KTM’s extensive sales and distribution network.

KTM will have three brands under their umbrella i.e. KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas. However, the joint venture is subject to antitrust authorities’ approval.

Earlier, it was announced that KTM Industries Group will be known as the Pierer Mobility Group in the future. KTM is now Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Besides owning Husqvarna and the possibility of GasGas soon, the group also owns WP Suspension.

On the other hand, GasGas specializes in offroad motorcycles since their inception in 1985. Their first bike was a trials bike in 1985, followed by enduro and motocross bikes in 1989, before adding quads to their model line-up in 2002.

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Since then, they are predominantly known as a trials bike manufacturer when Jordi Tarrés won three successive world trials championships in 1993, 1994 and 1995.

Additionally, they won the Trial Outdoor World Championship in 2005 and 2006 with Adam Raga. Raga also took the Trial Indoor World Championship in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

While they’ve made a name in trials, the company was also successful in enduro events. Paul Edmonson won two World Enduro Championships – the 125cc title in 1994 and 250cc title in 1996. Petteri Silvan then won the 250cc championship in 1999, followed by Petri Pohiamo in the 125cc class in 2003.


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