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Hold onto your helmets, folks, because BMW might be gearing up to release a serious game-changer in the world of motorcycling.

  • Next-generation G 310 series to be equipped with BMW’s ShiftCam technology. 
  • The ShiftCam system will boost the bike’s performance and fuel efficiency. 

The German automaker has just filed a patent application that hints at a potentially groundbreaking development: a ShiftCam-type variable valve timing system for a single-cylinder engine. And if the rumors are true, this could be a major step forward in terms of efficiency, power, and emissions reduction.

The patent, which was filed in August 2021 and published by the German patent office on February 16, 2023, reveals that BMW has been working on a valve actuating system that can control the timing and lift of one or more valves simultaneously. By connecting multiple cam pieces, or using a single cam piece with multiple contours, the system can deliver enhanced performance across the board, from improved power and torque to better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

The implications of this technology are huge, especially for BMW’s G 310-series of motorcycles. With a more compact design and a weight-saving valve train, these bikes could potentially offer even more agility and responsiveness on the road. And by incorporating two or more actuation profiles, riders might even be able to customize their riding experience based on their individual preferences or the specific demands of their chosen terrain.

Of course, BMW has yet to make any official announcements about the new technology or its plans for integrating it into future models. But given the company’s history of innovation and its commitment to sustainability and efficiency, it seems likely that we’ll be seeing some major updates to the G-Series and other models in the near future.

The new BMW G 310 RR officially breaks cover in India after weeks of teasers and rumours.

  • features the same 313cc single cylinder engine that makes 33.5hp and 27.3Nm.

  • gets the same bodywork as the TVS Apache RR 310. 

The pint-sized supersport is the latest addition to the G 310 range joining the G 310 R and G 310 GS that runs on the same TVS-powered 313cc single cylinder engine.

Like the G 310 GS and G 310 R before it, the G 310 RR makes 33.5hp @ 9,700rpm and 27.3Nm @ 7,700rpm. Also, the RR gets the same five spokes, 17-inch wheels as its roadster siblings.

Interestingly, aside from the BMW badge and graphics, the G 310 RR features the same bodywork as TVS’ Apache RR 310.

The G 310 RR is the spitting image of the Apache right from the front and all the way to the rear. What sets the two apart is the standard all-black livery and BMW M-Performance Sport colourway.

The G 310 RR is also equipped with the same vertically-oriented 5″ TFT display and offers smartphone connectivity.

Also, the RR gets four riding modes; Track, Urban, Rain and Sport.

According to BMW Motorrad India, the standard RR is priced at INR285,000 (RM15.9k), while the Sport trim is available for INR299,000 (RM16.6k).

  • The fully-faired BMW G 310 made its appearance at the BMW Motorrad Days in Japan.

  • The concept looks like a smaller S 1000 RR, clad in carbon-fibre.

  • BMW should show off the production model at Intermot and EICMA.

It looks like the BMW G 310 range will gain a sportbike, called the G 310 RR.

The BMW G 310 R (roadster) and G 310 GS (adventure) versions were launched to a great reception, not only in Asia where they were first intended but also in Europe and the Americas. Heck, we even saw many G 310 GS entered in the recent GIVI Rimba Raid Mat Daling and they performed well. What is missing from the line-up though is the sport version.

While it has been rumored for some time that the German manufacturer is working on a G 310 RR, they have been very secretive about it, hence there were little news and pictures to reveal the bike.

Well, BMW has dropped a bomb on us. The fully-faired version made its first appearance at BMW Motorrad Days in Japan.

As evident from the photo, the G 310 RR concept’s styling is heavily influenced by its popular sportbike sibling, the S 1000 RR, including the headlamps and the sinewy fairing on the right side complete with the trademark shark gills. Yes, we are sure some may even all it the “Baby S.”

Courtesy of

The exhaust has been moved from the side to underneath the seat, and all the bodywork is in carbon fibre.

Speaking about carbon fibre, we do not think the material will be used in the final production bike. Still, having one more entry to the 300cc single-cylinder in the market will definitely light up the lightweight sportbike wars.

The production model should make its debut at the Intermot show at the earliest, or EICMA in November. Let us hope the production model looks as great as this concept!


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