A Riders Rant

As many of you would have heard by now, two riders were killed in last weekend’s edition of the Malaysian Super Series (MSS) Bikes season-opening weekend in the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). (more…)

The American state of Nevada has apparently made it legal for motorcyclists, mopeds, cyclists and three-wheelers to run a red light.

It was found that traffic light sensors sometimes do not detect motorcyclists, leaving them stranded at red for a long time. These bikers or cyclists then have to wait for a car to arrive to trigger the sensor for the light to turn green. This increases the waiting time by at least 3 or 4 times. However, the new law requires riders to wait for two light cycles before they can ride off. (more…)

A detailed  write up on my last trip from 12-15 July 2013 to Ranong one of Thailand’s southern provinces which is approximately 1150km away from home. There were only 2 bikes that rode up,  (more…)

The horrific crash that took place this past Saturday along the Federal Highway is still fresh in our minds. But it will not take more than a week or two for the news to wither away into the past to be forgotten. Which is exactly the problem, we forget!

This is not the first example of us forgetting our tragedies, it has happened countless times. These tragedies, as sad and horrific as they may be, provide a unique opportunity to learn and educate ourselves.

Why did it happen? What caused it? Is it human error or mechanical? Is there a fault with the road design? Do we lack signage? Is there adequate lighting?

These are just some of the questions we need to be asking, but I’m not saying that we don’t. Perhaps we do, but like a three year old child, we often lose interest before we get the answers. (more…)


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