2020 Honda RS150R V2

When Boon Siew Honda (BSH) unveiled the first-ever Honda RS150R back in 2016, kapcai enthusiasts across the country were ecstatic to find a 150cc bike packed a lot of amazing features. We had our fun when testing the V1 but now, there’s a new version, the 2020 Honda RS150R V2. (more…)

Fans and enthusiasts of Boon Siew Honda can expect the official launch of the 2020 Honda RS150R V2 in the very near future as more and more shots are posted up on social media. If you’re wondering what the RS150R V2 looks like, some dealers already have them in stock and ready for purchase (no bookings or orders needed, apparently). (more…)

The Honda RS150R has been around the Malaysian market for quite some time now and its popularity has been at a major high with thousands of owners, followers, and enthusiasts since its maiden launch back in 2016. Now, news has been spreading around regarding the emergence of the 2020 Honda RS150R V2 (Version 2, not a moped with a V2 engine configuration) and we’re all excited about it. (more…)


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