Risk Of Broken Gearbox Input Shaft, BMW Announced Recall For All 2019-2023 R 1250 GS 

BMW North America has issued a safety recall for all 2019-2023 BMW R 1250 GS, R 1250 GS Adventure and R 1250 RTP due to the potential risk of a broken gearbox input shaft. 

  • The massive recall involved the bike’s gearbox input shaft that could potentially broke due to overload. 
  • The safety recall involved all 2019-2023 BMW R 1250 GS/GS Adventure and R 1250 RTP in North America. 

The safety recall was announced on January 18, 2023, whereby the gearbox input shaft could break if become overloaded in certain situations. 

According to BMW, all 18,489 units of motorcycles in North America are affected by the recall including 6,812 units of R 1250 GS, 9,401 units of R 1250 GS Adventure and 2,276 units of R 1250 RTP. 

The recall was established after BMW received a complaint from a GS owner back in 2020 that his bike suffered a broken gearbox input shaft which also subsequently blocked the rear wheel. 

Two similar incidents emerged not long afterwards. 

However, the most concerning incident came in 2022, whereby two riders got into an accident due to similar instances with one of them suffering an injury. 

The incident triggered BMW to intensify its analysis of the matter and determined that due to an abrupt difference between the engine speed and the rotational speed of the final drive component, the gearbox input shaft could overload and eventually break. 

However, it is yet to be determined whether the incidents affect the same model currently on sale in Malaysia. 



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