Comfort grip for all bikes!


Every once in a while you come across a product that has it all, and what we mean by all is comfort, durability, convenience and most of all, affordability.

Take these Strada 7 handle bar grip covers for example. They cost RM59.90, and are fantastic to use, and a breeze to install.


We installed it on to our official Vespa LX 150 test bike, and after over a week of using it in both rain and shine, we are happy to report that it is a super buy.

Officially called Strada 7 Anti-vibration Foam Comfort Grip Covers, the covers fit all bikes and only need soap water to install.


It is specially made of durable materials and is U.V., ozone and oxidation resistant.

It is also great for those of you who have sweaty palms, especially when riding on a hot day.


Imported by Misano Moto Imports, you can buy the grips by liking the official page on Facebook, you can click the following link to access the page:


Or you can contact Miss Pixie Faizah Fee at 017 245 3375.



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