Metzeler Racetec™ TD Slick – the easiest track tyres you can buy!

When it comes to track day riding, getting the best set of tyres will probably make a huge difference between a good and great day at the circuit. Slicks are by far the best, but you’ll need to carry a lot of extra equipment like stands, tyre warmers, generators, etc. With the new Metzeler Racetec™ TD Slick, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Dedicated to racers and track day enthusiasts, the new Metzeler Racetec™ TD Slick offers ease of use for race training, competition, and even some serious fun around the track. Designed to be used immediately, these slick tyres won’t require the use of tyre warmers to get it up to working temperatures.

Offering high and consistent performance, the latest slick rubbers from Metzeler also have high abrasion properties with the possibility of reversing the tyres between sessions if the circuit wears more on one side, like Sepang International Circuit.

Riding with slick tyres is definitely something that all sport riders want but with the requirement to carry all those extra equipment for optimum performance and safety, the idea is usually left behind. Metzeler’s latest Racetec™ TD Slick offers a ‘Plug and Play’ product that offers great performance and grip without breaking the bank.

Some highlighted features of the Racetec™ TD Slick are:

  • Quick warm-up to optimum working temperatures
  • Racing compound with low glass transition temperature polymers, carbon black & high melting temperature resins
  • Single-ply radial construction
  • Suitable for use from low operating temperatures, with a consequent resistance to cold tearing
  • Reusable over multiple sessions
  • High resistance to thermal decay

As for sizing, there’s only one for the front tyre (120/70 ZR 17 NHS TL) and several for the rear (180/55, 180/60, 190/55, 200/55). The gods of racing have bestowed us, mere mortals, with the chance to use slick tyres without all the added hassle. We will surely try to get our hands on a few once it’s here in Malaysia.



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