Mechanic Loses Hand for Refusing to Upgrade a Motorcycle

Photo credit Utusan Online
  • A mechanic had his right hand chopped off for his refusal to upgrade a motorcycle.

  • He also suffered a multitude of other injuries.

  • His wife was also injured in the attack when he stopped the suspects from attacking their children.

A mechanic in Changlun, Kedah had his right hand chopped off when he refused to upgrade a motorcycle.

The 36-year-old Thai national from Patani almost lost his left hand too, after being attacked by four masked men. He also suffered severe chopping wounds to his head, neck, waist and left ankle. Unfortunately, the severed limb could not be located and was believed to have been brought along by the suspects.

His 33-year-old wife also suffered injuries to her left hand when she stepped in to protect her sons aged eight and thirteen from being attacked. Thankfully, both children escaped unhurt by hiding in a rubber plantation with their mother.

District Police Chief, Superintendent Mohd. Ismail Ibrahim said that three of the four masked suspects broke into the mechanic’s house and attacked the occupants with machetes (parang).

The incident was believed to have been triggered by the mechanic’s refusal to modify one of the suspect’s motorcycle for illegal racing. The suspect had visited the house a number of times previously.

The victim is stable condition although he is still weak and treated at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar.

Royal Malaysian Police have picked up one of the suspects and are hunting for his other three conspirators.

Source: Utusan Online



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