Liqui Moly employees get €1,000 ‘Corona Consolation’ bonus

Hard times are hitting every single company and manufacturer around the globe and across the board due to the current development of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Instead of maintaining the business with short-time work or even worse, layoffs, Liqui Moly does the exact opposite – each of their employees get a €1,000 ‘Corona Consolation’ bonus!

Liqui Moly’s Managing Director, Ernst Prost, stated “Today, we have largely been able to ensure in all corporate areas that we are mastering this balancing act between preventive health care and continued work. Now, I can imagine that the current circumstances are not only time-consuming for you, but also involve additional financial expenditure. As a token of our appreciation, allow me to give you an extra EUR 1000 gross with your next salary payment – to a certain extent, as a financial corona consolation!”

The entire Liqui Moly administration team is currently working from home in hopes that it’ll protect them from the infectious virus while maintaining the flow of the company. Through great commitment and improvisation, the company is still able to run and make things work out.

Ernst Prost also stated that all employees worldwide will be getting the same amount of bonus. He added “In most parts of the world, the economic consequences are more severe, because the social network there is less robust or completely absent. Besides, spending money on the economy is exactly what we need right now to keep jobs.”

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