Introducing The Dong, All-New Electric Scooter From Benelli

Understanding the demand for a zero-emission two-wheeler, Benelli revealed the Dong, an all-new electric scooter made primarily for the Asian markets.

Despite using the Benelli badge, the overall look of the motorcycle is screaming Qianjiang Motorcycle, the Chinese company responsible for taking over the brand in 2005.

Based on the shared images, the Dong stands out primarily due to its unique design, especially the rear section.

The rear-end is connected to the floorboard via a central shaft while the real wheel and hub-mounted motor are connected to the main body via a slim swingarm hence contributes to somewhat a floating effect.

Nevertheless, the scooter comes with a complete LED light setup (front and rear), including a digital LCD.

According to Benelli, the Dong is powered by a 1.2kW motor capable of reaching 45kmph with a claimed range of 60km.

What makes the Dong even cooler is that it also packs an artificial exhaust sound feature that helps to mimic a combustion engine sound.

The Benelli Dong is currently available in Indonesia for IDR 36,900,000 (RM10,500). Will the Dong make its way to our shores anytime soon?



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