Indian Police wears ‘Coronavirus’ helmet to scare people

There are many methods on how authorities around the world to get their people to stay at home during this Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. India took things to a whole new level as one particular Indian police officer was seen wearing a ‘Coronavirus’ helmet to raise awareness as well as to get people to stay at home.

India has been at the forefront of some ‘unique’ ways of getting their people to understand the severity of the COVID-19 situation. Lockdowns were ignored or taken lightly, and the police had to employ some questionable methods to make their point from public caning to other humiliating punishments.

The latest method of madness was seen by a police inspector which goes by the name of Rajesh Rabu. At routine checkpoints, he can be seen wearing a specially designed full-face helmet that portrays the microscopic image of the deadly virus. Yup, the whole works with red colourways and bulbs, just like the real thing!

Created by local artist, B. Gowtham, the idea was to create awareness amongst his people about the COVID-19 virus and how they can take preventative measures. According to a post by, Gowtham stated “People are not hygienic enough. We have government orders not to come out – but still, we’re seeing people roaming here and there without proper safety equipment, without masks.”

This helmet is targeted to strike fears into the hearts of the people in obeying the lockdown orders, practising proper hygiene, and being aware of the current situation that has taken the lives of thousands around the globe. It might be funny to some, but if it works, hey it works. Does it?

Source: Twitter

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