This homemade bike washing machine is awesome

Australian man successfully builds a bike washing machine at home for his motocross bikes.

Some people enjoy the act of washing and cleaning their bikes, some don’t. But in this video, clearly the Australian motocross enthusiast falls in the latter, explaining his drive at building his own bike washing machine featured.

Reports indicate that Paul Adams, the brain behind said machine, has spent roughly AUS$15,000 in building it. Clearly, it was money well spent as the machine actually worked brilliantly.

Being from a motocross-loving family and the brother-in-law to professional motocross racer Mike Reefman, we reckon all in Paul’s family are grateful to have him create such a machine.

Paul’s bike washing machine design is fed using a standard garden hose where water is then blasted through four jets. Additionally, the machine can cycle through between a mild detergent soap spray and hot water rinse too. It can also have an air-compressor hooked up to the jets to dry the bike after washing.

Being able to clean a motocross bike in just about ten minutes, this homemade bike washing machine made by the Australian is pure genius if you asked us. We reckon that many of other motocross fans worldwide – us included! – would want one or two at home.



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