Two Traffic Cops Investigated for Allegedly Extorting

The Johor Police are investigating two traffic cops suspected of extorting money from Singaporeans in an incident at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar on March 10.

The state police chief, Commissioner M. Kumar, said his party detected a viral video on social media Facebook uploaded by the name Irene Teo on the ‘Sage‘ page. The video was then also shared by several other sites including the popular Facebook site, MY SG Road Trip – Your Malaysia Road Trip Guide.

“The police have confirmed that they are conducting an investigation against two traffic police officers who are believed to have committed extortion following the sharing of two videos on Facebook, yesterday.

“The video was also commented on through an article uploaded by the Mothership website dated March 11,” he said in a media statement today.

He said that through the post that went viral, it is believed that the poster ‘Irene Teo’ was instructed to pay a sum of RM600 to the two traffic police members at BSI to avoid being sued.”

According to Irene Teo, they said they only had RM500 and not enough RM600 as requested. The policeman replied, “RM500 is ok too.”

“The victim is said to have committed an offense by entering the lorry lane at check point 8A towards Johor Bahru to Singapore on March 10, at about 8.15pm,” he said.

However, according to Irene again and as in the video, it was the policeman who ordered them to drive into the lorry lane.

He said the investigation was carried out in accordance with Section 384 of the Penal Code for extortion.

“However, we have not yet received any report made by the victim regarding the incident and an official request was made to the Singapore Consulate Office in Johor Bahru for help locating the Facebook owner ‘Sage’ and the poster ‘Irene Teo’ to assist the investigation,” he said.

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