SYM ADXTG 400 Adventure Scooter Set For 2024 Global Debut

Scheduled for a 2024 debut, the SYM ADXTG 400 is poised to make an exciting entrance into the adventure scooter realm, boasting a fierce design and impressive specifications.

Supposedly inspired by the ancient predator smilodon, also known as the ‘sabre-toothed tiger,’ SYM has infused the ADXTG 400 with aggressive lines that set it apart in a market saturated with either ‘neo-retro’ or ‘aggressive’ designs. Rarely do we see comparisons to prehistoric flesh-tearing predators in the motorcycle landscape.

Powering the ADXTG 400 is a robust 399cc engine delivering an equivalent of 35 horsepower, with a claimed maximum torque of 36Nm.

Positioned as an adventure scooter, SYM confidently asserts the ADXTG 400’s capability “across a variety of terrain,” and the specifications indeed support this claim. The scooter features a rigid aluminum swingarm with centralized Sanyang Multilink Suspension. The handlebar’s rigidity is adjustable to cater to rider preferences, as is the screen. Additionally, the scooter comes equipped with hand guards, long-travel suspension (exact measurements undisclosed), dual sport Maxxis M6017S tires, and a standard sump guard.

SYM emphasizes an “intensively considered” no-compromise, off-road standing position for the rider, and the inclusion of a USB socket provides convenience for charging devices during extended rides.

Breaking new ground for SYM in terms of electronics, the ADXTG 400 introduces several firsts. Notably, it features an off-road mode within the Bosch ABS system. This innovative system, commonly found on off-road bikes, disengages the ABS at the rear wheel while maintaining functionality at the front.

Furthermore, engaging in hard deceleration from speeds above 70 kph activates the emergency brake light (EBL). SYM says that its commitment to advancing electronic features underscores their dedication to enhancing the overall riding experience.

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