New Triple Cylinder Engine By CFMoto Will Power A Range of Bikes

Chinese motorcycle manufacturers were once relegated to the lower echelons of the industry, relying on affordability rather than innovation to secure their market share. However, significant transformation has taken place, and brands such as Zontes, Moto Morini, Benelli, and now CFMoto have elevated their products to amazing new heights.

The key to their newfound appeal lies not only in improved product quality but also in the cutting-edge hardware embedded within their motorcycles. While these manufacturers once depended on strategic brand partnerships for technological advancements, they have now emerged as independent innovators.

CFMoto, previously known for manufacturing engines for KTM, has broken new ground by unveiling its own three-cylinder engine. This engine, designed and manufactured from scratch, signals a departure from the brand’s reliance on external collaborations. The move challenges the dominance of established players like Triumph and Yamaha in producing refined triple engines. The unveiling of this engine at EICMA 2023 marks a significant milestone for CFMoto.

The 675cc triple engine made its partial debut at the CFMoto Day in China, showcased in a camouflaged, faired sports bike. Although details were scarce at the time, it was clear that CFMoto was introducing a three-cylinder unit of its own. The official unveiling at EICMA 2023 shed light on the exciting features of this new engine.

CFMoto’s 675cc triple engine, though reminiscent of the Triumph 675cc motor, boasts impressive specifications. Constructed with forged aluminum, the engine offers an 8% boost in piston strength and a 10% reduction in weight compared to similar motors. Weighing a total of 55kg, the engine emphasizes reliability and lightweight characteristics. The use of forged aluminum in internal components aids in reducing weight and inertia, ensuring quick throttle response.

The engine’s design prioritizes low inertia, promoting smooth power transmission and rapid motor response and acceleration. An FCC slipper-assist clutch is incorporated for seamless downshifts and an enhanced riding experience. CFMoto promises a “monstrous delivery to the rear wheel” with first-class features in brakes, chassis, equipment, and design for an exhilarating on-road experience and a sharp tool on the track.

In terms of performance, CFMoto claims the new engine will produce “in excess of 100 horsepower” and a maximum torque of 68 Newton-meters. With an acceleration from 0 to 100km per hour in under 3 seconds and a rev ceiling of 12,300 rpm, the engine is tailored for street use rather than motorsport.

A comparison with other engines reveals the uniqueness of CFMoto’s 675cc mill, emphasizing low-to-midrange torque over peak power and higher rpm. While specific details on bore and stroke are pending confirmation, patent images suggest a slightly longer stroke and narrower bore compared to the Triumph’s triple. This indicates a focus on delivering a more responsive motor capable of reaching higher speeds with ease.

The presence of the 675cc engine at EICMA just about confirms that it will be available beyond China and Asia. While the specific models featuring CFMoto’s new engine remain uncertain, but there are plenty of reports that there will be quite a few new models powered by the new engine in 2024.

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