New GPX GTM250R Looks Great But You Can’t Buy It Unless You’re in Japan

While GPX may not have gained widespread popularity in Malaysia, its bikes have garnered quite a bit of attention for their retro styling, decent technology, and budget-friendly prices.

Established in 2007 in Thailand and assembled in Malaysia by Mofaz Group, GPX offers a diverse range of retro-inspired motorcycles marketed under various brand names. The latest addition to their lineup is the GTM250R, a model specifically designed for the Japanese market.

Succeeding the GPX Gentleman Racer 200, renowned for its affordable yet stylish neo-retro cafe-racer aesthetics, the GTM250R maintains the essence of its predecessor. Sporting a retro-inspired headlight cowl, a streamlined design characterizes the bike, with a fuel tank, saddle, and tail section all aligning neatly.

There is also a wannabe crankcase integrated into the bike’s bodywork beneath the saddle, which adds a unique touch, depending on whether you like it or not.

On the technological front, the GTM250R represents a notable advancement compared to its simpler forerunner. Replacing the 197cc carbureted single in the Gentleman Racer 200, the GTM250R boasts a 250cc fuel-injected single-cylinder engine, generating 20.4 horsepower.

While not designed for exhilarating rides, power output is ample for a brisk commute around town. GPX claims a weight of 148 kilograms, though the practical weight with a full tank of gas is said to be closer to 160 kilograms.

The bike’s fundamentals though closely resemble those of its predecessor. The GTM250R features 17-inch wire-spoke wheels with road-focused rubber, supported by an inverted front fork and a rear monoshock with preload adjustability.

Notably, the bike comes equipped with dual radial mounted front disc brakes, a feature seemingly excessive for a bike of its size, indicating a design choice driven more by aesthetics than necessity.

As for its market availability, the GPX GTM250R is exclusive to Japan, with only 150 units slated for production. The limited-edition model is offered in red, black, and yellow color options.

Enthusiasts looking to own this retro-inspired gem will need to allocate 566,500 yen, approximately translating to about RM19,000. The exclusivity, coupled with the blend of retro aesthetics and modern technology, makes the GTM250R an enticing choice for motorcycle aficionados in the Japanese market.

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