Hong Leong Yamaha Updates TMax Tech Max With New Colours For 2024!

Hong Leong Yamaha, a leader in the realm of two-wheeled marvels, has introduced two new colours for the 2024 TMax Tech Max called Dark Magma and Tech Black.

At the heart of the Yamaha TMax lies a 562cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine, engineered to deliver exhilarating performance on both urban streets and winding highways.

The twin-cylinder engine produces 47hp at 7,500rpm and 55.7Nm at 5250rpm. The TMax still boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design, characterised by its distinctive dual LED headlights and dynamic bodywork.

The TMax is still equipped with advanced electronic features that include Yamaha’s proprietary D-Mode system, allowing riders to customise throttle response according to their preferences, whether for spirited performance or fuel-efficient cruising.

Additionally, traction control and ABS come standard, providing added confidence and stability, particularly in challenging riding conditions.

Besides that, the TMax Tech Max retains the state-of-the-art TFT display that provides riders with vital information at a glance, including speed, engine RPM, fuel consumption, and navigation prompts, ensuring a seamless riding experience without distractions.

The updated Yamaha TMax Tech Max is priced at RM74,998, and if you book it now, Yamaha will give you a complimentary Yamaha Disc Lock valued at RM100.

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