BMW Introduces New R12 and R12 nineT With Updated Boxer Engine!

After months of anticipation, BMW has officially unveiled its latest offerings for 2024—the R12 and R12 nineT. Both motorcycles share a common 1,170cc engine but boast distinct characteristics, with the R12 nineT designed as a classic roadster for dynamic rides on country roads, and the R12 as a classic cruiser for laid-back biking. Let’s delve into the details:

Classic Roadsters and Cruisers with a Heritage Twist

BMW Motorrad’s R nineT, introduced in 2013, marked a departure from conventional roadsters by blending classic motorcycle design with modern technology and customizable features. The new R12 nineT continues this legacy, embracing “The Spirit of nineT,” aiming to seamlessly follow the success of its predecessor while embodying an archetypal look, timelessness, and extensive customization options. Meanwhile, the R12 embraces “The Spirit of Easy,” with a classic cruiser for cool and relaxed biking.

Boxer Engine with Modern Enhancements

The heart of the R12 nineT and R12 models is the authentic and robust boxer engine, boasting a redesigned airbox and twin-flow rear silencer. The air/oil-cooled boxer engine, with a capacity of 1,170cc, delivers 109 hp at 7,000 rpm in the R12 nineT and 95 hp at 6,500 rpm in the R12. The left-mounted “Twin Pipe” exhaust system adds a touch of classic sportiness to both roadster and cruiser enthusiasts.

Redesigned Tubular Bridge Steel Spaceframe

A highlight of the new models is the one-piece tubular bridge steel spaceframe, a departure from the previous R nineT series. This new frame not only reduces weight but also provides a cleaner and more classic appearance. The rear frame, also tubular steel, is bolted to the main frame.

Modern Features for a Classic Feel

The R12 nineT is equipped with classic round instruments for speed and rpm, a USB-C port, and a 12V socket. A digital display is available as optional equipment. The R12 models offer a choice between roadster and cruiser designs, each providing optimal ergonomics and distinctive features.

At a glance:

– Classic, purist design as roadster and cruiser.

– Beefy air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine.

– Designed for customizing.

– R12 nineT with 109 hp at 7,000 rpm and 115 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

– R12 with 95 hp at 6,500 rpm and 110 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

– Left-side exhaust system with double silencer and conical end pieces.

– New integrated airbox under the seat.

– One-piece tubular spaceframe with bolted-on rear frame.

– Upside-down telescopic forks at the front and Paralever swinging arm with rear spring strut.

– Radially mounted 4-piston monobloc brake calipers, steel flex brake lines, and floating 310 mm brake discs.

– BMW Motorrad ABS Pro.

– Standard riding modes and Dynamic Traction Control.

– Classic round instruments, USB-C, and 12 V socket.

– LED light units and adaptive Headlight Pro available.

– Keyless Ride as standard.

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