Fantic Imola 125 Marks The Resurgence Of The Sport Bike Segment

The renowned Italian brand Fantic, recognized for its off-road machines and retro scramblers such as the Caballero 700, has taken a distinctive turn towards a track-focused venture with its latest unveiling at EICMA.

Named after Italy’s iconic racing venue, the Imola introduces a lightweight and advanced sports bike, featuring a Yamaha heart and high-end chassis components. Powering the Imola is a 125cc, four-stroke, four-valve engine akin to the one found in Yamaha’s MT-125 and YZF-R125. With 15bhp, making it learner license-friendly, the engine is only one facet of this exciting new bike.

Fantic’s foray into Moto2 racing in 2023 has significantly influenced the Imola’s design, especially in the construction of its frame. The Imola 125 boasts a hybrid frame incorporating both steel and aluminum, with a full aluminum swingarm. The bike’s suspension is fully adjustable at both ends, complemented by high-performance Brembo brakes. Enhancing safety features, the advanced IMU control system provides cornering ABS and lean-sensitive traction control, notable additions in the 125cc category.

However, the Imola’s status as a ‘track concept’ raises uncertainty about its potential production version. The final specifications and features of the road-ready model may differ significantly from the showcased concept.

In addition to the Imola, Fantic presented a more practical option at the exhibition, known as the Stealth (Above). Sharing the same frame and engine platform as the Imola, the Stealth presents a more production-ready appearance. As depicted in the images released by Fantic, the Stealth offers a glimpse of a mature and refined machine, potentially setting a new standard in its category.

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