BMW Close To Introducing High-Performance Electric Motorcycle

BMW is no newcomer to electric technology, whether in its two-wheeled or four-wheeled divisions. However, the electric bikes from BMW have been mainly limited to scooters, but according to reports, a change may be on the horizon.

The BMW CE 02 and CE 04 are certainly distinctive in the electric scooter market, with their considerable size and extended wheelbase hinting at performance surpassing the standard 125cc equivalent.

While BMW is said to be developing a smaller electric motorcycle, potentially derived from its G 310 range, recent patent filings suggest that the company is also working on a more potent electric motorcycle. The patents, disclosed by Cycle World, outline the foundation for a high-performance electric motorcycle exceeding the capabilities of a 300cc equivalent.

 The proposed motorcycle follows a similar approach to some other electric manufacturers, like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, by employing an aluminium battery and electronics case as a monocoque structure. This design allows modular components around the monocoque, enabling adaptability for various categories. For instance, the steering head attaches to the front of the monocoque structure and can be replaced with a different design suitable for another category.

Cycle World also speculates that BMW’s expertise in the four-wheeled electric segment positions it advantageously in the two-wheeled market. BMW’s focus on electric technology and addressing the primary challenge of electric powertrains—range—by leading advancements in lighter and longer-lasting solid-state batteries suggests that the initial electric motorcycles from BMW may target urban riding and commuting with relatively short ranges. However, this expertise could also position the German company to pioneer advancements in electric touring and adventure motorcycles.

These segments are of considerable interest to all manufacturers due to their significant consumer base in contemporary times. BMW, in particular, values these categories, as evident in its decision to introduce an all-new 1,300cc combustion engine to refresh its R GS range at the end of the previous year.

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