ZERO Engineering Japan showcases custom “Samurai Choppers” in Malaysia

  • ZERO Engineering is a custom motorcycle maker from Japan that makes “Samurai Choppers” that are fully customised like the previewed Type-5, Type-6 and Type-9i.

  • Each bike is custom built from the ground up with S&S Cycles engines with endless customizing options

  • Some high profile people who own a Samurai Chopper are Brad Pitt, David Beckham and even Tony Stark in the movie “Iron Man”.

The highly acclaimed custom motorcycle maker ZERO Engineering has previewed some of its infamous Samurai Choppers here last night during the launch ceremony at the Bon Estate Sales Gallery, Bangsar. The firm behind the gorgeous and fully customised “Samurai Choppers” displayed three of its wonderful creations at the gallery yesterday; the Type-5, Type-6 and Type-9i.

All of the custom bikes produced by ZERO Engineering are fully customised from the ground up starting from the S&S Cycles engine all the way to the accessories chosen by the customer. What makes it even more special is that each bike is made to order with endless arrays of choices to make that each motorcycle a one of a kind.

ZERO Engineering and their Samurai Choppers have been around for 15 years and basically made a name for themselves in Europe, US and Australia where the custom bike scenes are on a constant high. Being originally from Japan, the brand now is looking into penetrating even further into the South East Asia market especially here in Malaysia.

Some of the high profile owners who own a bike made by ZERO engineering are names like Brad Pitt and David Beckham who require no further explanation. Even their Type-6 model has been featured in one of the Iron Man movies owned by the man himself, Tony Stark.

With Harley Davidson as the basis of the each ZERO Engineering machine (engine and frame), it’s considered more like a premium art of rolling wheels that looks too good to ride. With their motto “Beauty and Style, Honours with Precision”, each Samurai Chopper will be a head turner to ride and an honour to own.

“Production is severely limited because of the amount of detail work. That also makes the bikes very expensive. Each of our motorcycles is completely handmade, taking several months to complete” said Mr Kondo Yoshimitsu, President of Plot Inc.

He also added “The name Samurai has come to define the elegant vintage look, which has the unique style of a beautiful yet functional weapon. The Samurai features the latest technology from Japan, and embodies the ‘Zero Style’ in every way.”

The bikes and orders will be handled exclusively by Stronghold Cycles Sdn Bhd as their official dealer here in Malaysia at Gasket Alley, a motoring lifestyle hub located in Section 13, Petaling Jaya once constructed. Check out their Facebook page to know more about this momentous project in the works.

Coinciding with the showcase of Samurai Choppers was the launch of “Ruby Helmets” from France. This hand-made custom helmet is the latest line of luxury riding helmets brought over to our shores by Riders Garage and Beautiful Machines.

Dubbed as “the world’s most luxurious and finest helmet”, Ruby Helmets combine functionality, comfort, lightweight and state-of-the-art technology to deliver pioneering products in terms of style and aesthetics.

For the price that you’re paying, you’ll get a shell made with carbon fibre and fibreglass layers for maximum strength and safety together with and high level shock absorbency inner shell. All of the fixing elements are made of titanium and aluminium to further fortified the overall helmet.

Those interested to purchase a Ruby Helmet of your own can head over to Riders Garage or Beautiful Machines in Bandar Sunway. Beautiful Machines has developed a brand new establishment under the same roof called “Working Class Heroes” that will feature a number of high-end riding gears such as the aforementioned Ruby Helmets. Pricing starts at RM3,500.

ZERO Engineering Samurai Choppers Gallery

Ruby Helmets Gallery

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