Yamaha Introduces New Harcore MT-09 SP

Fresh off the debut of the 2024 standard MT-09 on October 31st, Yamaha has now unveiled the MT-09 SP, a higher-performance variant that elevates the bar with enhancements to its suspension, braking system, electronics, and more.

Mere days after the initial unveiling of the standard naked bike, the MT-09 SP takes the foundation of the newly redesigned MT-09 and builds upon it. The MT-09, boasting its fresh bodywork and stylish LED lighting, now combines sportier ergonomics, upgraded braking components, a state-of-the-art TFT display, and advanced control mechanisms.

The core of the new MT-09 SP remains the distinctive ‘CP3’ three-cylinder engine, which received a significant update in 2021, along with the trusty cast aluminum Deltabox frame, first introduced in the same year.

Let’s delve into the specifics of the 2024 MT-09 SP. It takes the base model of the new MT-09 and takes it to new heights. This includes a set of fully adjustable suspension components, top-tier Brembo Stylema brake calipers, a customizable Track riding mode, and a visually striking R1M superbike-inspired color scheme in black, blue, and silver, complete with a brushed aluminum swing arm. The MT-09 SP also introduces a novel feature for Yamaha – a ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system.

While some similarities with the standard MT-09 are inevitable due to the 2024 model year updates, there are noteworthy distinctions. The MT-09 SP exhibits a ‘sleeker, more aggressive appearance’ with a redesigned fuel tank, an updated LED front light cluster concealed by a new cover, a fresh rear LED light unit with separate tail and brake lights, and a new two-piece seat that complements the overall design.

The riding position has also seen substantial enhancements, with lower handlebars and higher, rear-set foot pegs, both of which offer adjustable settings. In line with the standard MT-09, the MT-09 SP incorporates a cutting-edge five-inch TFT dashboard and corresponding switchgear, inspired by the latest Tracer 9 GT+ and Niken GT models. Nevertheless, the MT-09 SP brings its distinctive elements to the table.

The MT-09 SP adheres to the SP tradition of premium, fully adjustable suspension, featuring gold-finished, Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated 41mm KYB front forks, and an Öhlins monoshock in the rear. The new front forks offer comprehensive adjustments for preload, rebound, and compression damping, while the Öhlins rear unit provides customizable settings for compression, rebound, and comes with a remote preload adjuster.

Furthermore, the braking system on the new MT-09 SP has undergone substantial enhancements, making use of twin Brembo monoblock ‘Stylema’ calipers that provide superbike-caliber braking performance for Yamaha’s 900cc roadster.

In contrast to the standard 2024 MT-09, which offers three riding modes (Sport, Street, and Rain), the MT-09 SP introduces an additional Track mode, enabling riders to tailor four extra power, traction, and braking profiles to suit specific track conditions. The SP’s TFT display also incorporates a dedicated Track theme.

One of the standout features of the MT-09 SP is Yamaha’s groundbreaking keyless ‘Smart Key System.’ This innovative system replaces the conventional key slot with an ‘on-off’ switch located at the top of the fuel tank. It activates as long as the Smart Key is within range and provides convenient lock and unlock options for the fuel cap.

The 2024 Yamaha MT-09 SP is available in a striking R1M-inspired color scheme of black, silver, and blue, complete with a brushed aluminum swing arm. As for pricing and availability, Yamaha has yet to unveil these details.

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